Looking Back on 2010

It’s a new year, and as much as the years blend together, I would like to take a minute to reflect….putting a period at the end of 2010, and an exclamation point (or three) toward 2011!!!

2010’s theme: China & Europe, with a dash of lemongrass.

Just a few places visited last year:

Rome: hot chocolate and ancient history

Thailand (twice): friends, heat, and heaven

Beijing: past vs. future

Shanghai: commerce in action

Xian: Terra Cotta Culture

Jingdezhen: Ceramics Village, dusty and amazing

Hainan Island: last resort

Guangzhou: can’t stop the hustle

Shenzhen: all business

Hong Kong: food, fun, and shopping

London: damp good fun

Boston: home

NYC: friends and work

We only have one life…