postcards from melbourne, florida

postcards from melbourne, florida






I had the good fortune to spend the first few months of 2015 in Melbourne, Florida. It has been quite different from my normal travel to big cities, but it has been wonderful!  Melbourne is a city full of nature, beaches, and I have definitely gotten my fill of antiquing (highlighted in upcoming posts).

postcards from mt. dora, florida

postcards from mt. dora, florida













Mount Dora is a cute town not too far outside of Orlando, with great architecture, shopping, restaurants and antiques.  Well worth a visit!

postcards from south beach, miami

postcards from south beach, miami





IMG_8636   IMG_8601






A quick overnighter to South Beach, Miami, which reminded me of my time living in Mexico.  I was speaking Spanish on Ocean Drive and loving the “see and be seen” mentality, which of course makes for great people watching!

DALI MUSEUM. st. petersburg, fl

DALI MUSEUM. st. petersburg, fl









Dali’s first selfie! 😉


The Dali Museum is a museum dedicated to the works of famous Surrealist artist Salvador Dali.  I had visited this museum once before as a teenager, and still nothing compares to seeing them in person…the scale of some of the paintings is lost when viewing online or in books.

LA SURTIDORA DEL CENTRO. puerto vallarta, mexico

LA SURTIDORA DEL CENTRO. puerto vallarta, mexico

LS shop outside


LS embroidered tops
Various Mexican hand embroidered & woven tops.
LS Vignette
Otomi embroidered pillows & woven bags


A wonderfully friendly saleswoman displaying one of my favorite Otomi embroidered textile for a photo op.
Handkerchiefs & Doilies
Embroidered handkerchiefs & doilies!


I happened across this shop when walking near my hotel, and what a find!  These are the kinds of shops I really cherish…full of traditional handmade products, items of days gone by.  It does not have the ambience of the boutiques I highlighted in Sayulita, but there are little treasures to be found nonetheless. Also, I love to feel like I am discovering something special, it’s the hunter in me.  🙂  I bought a dress, handkerchief, and some small embroidered gifts…definitely could have bought more!


LA SURTIDORA DEL CENTRO: Morelos 256, colonio centro
puerto vallarta, mexico.  phone: 222-1439

postcards from puerto vallarta

postcards from puerto vallarta

Me & PV
Me on the Malecón

PV landscape

PV hillside
Loving the people and their various poses.

PV Street Signs

Guadalupe 2
Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe

PV architecture

PV Man and Dog

PV Sunset

There are other Mexican beachside cities that I prefer over Puerto Vallarta, but there are a few food and shopping gems to be found here.  Also, I have a soft spot for hilly towns by the water for some reason…maybe they remind me of Hong Kong, one of my favorite cities.

EVOKE THE SPIRIT. sayulita, mexico

EVOKE THE SPIRIT. sayulita, mexico

ETS shop general

ETS Santos

ETS skull 1

ETS skull 1 detail

ETS ropes

ETS ropes detail


Last but not least, my favorite shop in Sayulita…Evoke the Spirit!  A space so beautiful it looks more like a gallery than a shop, with beautifully designed & made products to match.  And if you visit the shop, please be sure to say hi to Santos, the Huichol yarn painter in residence.

A very special thank you to Evoke the Spirit’s owner & designer Brittney Borjeson, who was so welcoming and helpful during my trip!  You can see more about Brittney and her shop in Domino magazine!

EVOKE THE SPIRIT: 12A Jose Mariscal, Sayulita, Nayarit, Mexico

ARTEFAKTO. sayulita, mexico

ARTEFAKTO. sayulita, mexico

A shop 2

A shop 1

A shop 3

A beautifully curated shop selling textiles, clothing, home goods and more.

ARTEFACKTO: avenida revolucion #40-C, sayulita, nayarit mexico 63734

REVOLUCION DEL SUEÑO. sayulita, mexico

REVOLUCION DEL SUEÑO. sayulita, mexico

RDS outside view

RDS back room fabulousness

RDS vignette 2

RDS Skulls galore


RDS fluo skulls


A cheeky shop with colorful products mixing modern and traditional Mexican flair.

REVOLUCION DEL SUEÑO : 55 calle manuel navarrete, colonia centro , 63734 Sayulita, Nayarit, Mexico

postcards from sayulita, mexico

postcards from sayulita, mexico

Sayulita town

Coconut truck!

What direction?



Decoration detail



Back after a long hiatus…and with the perfect town: Sayulita!  I just returned back from a few days there, and had to write about it.

Sayulita is a small Mexican surfing town not too far north of Puerto Vallarta.  This rustic beach chic hotspot for expats is home to some great eateries and boutiques.  Will be posting a few highlights later today.

How I got there:  I was staying in Puerto Vallarta, so I took a bus from the bus stops on the street in front of Wal-Mart.  The bus ride takes about an hour…not the most enjoyable ride ever, but I like to travel like a local sometimes.  The windows and door were wide open and we were barreling along.  What more can you ask from a 35 peso (<$3 US) ride?

Upon arrival in Sayulita, the bus drops off on the main road…from there you just keep walking until you find something interesting.  PS-That shouldn’t take too long.



Loving this little boy’s pants!

Although Chinese New Year has a lot of different names, the tradition is the same…it is a time (sometimes the only time during the year a family can get together in one place) for families to come together and have fun, eat food, and light some fireworks.  Last year we spent it with our dear friends at their house with family & friends.  We made dumplings and shared some rice wine, then when midnight struck, we bought some fireworks and had some fun in the streets!

This year was a bit more relaxed, and on New Year’s Day, we went to the local park to have a stroll…us and 500 other Dongguan residents!  The weather was great, a sunny 70 degrees, and everyone and their families were out for some good old-fashioned fun.