postcards from navigli, milano

postcards from navigli, milano

Navigli at night










Navigli means “canals” in Italian. There are two main canals remaining in Milano: Naviglio Grande and Naviglio Pavese, which form an upside-down V shape on a map. The Navigli neighborhood is where I called home. It is a charming area full of unpretentious cafés, boutiques, and bars, and is a hotspot for starting the weekend off with an aperitivo. I like it during the day more, because it is quiet and unassuming, and there are plenty of vintage shops to visit.




The last Sunday of each month there is a HUGE antique market in the streets surrounding the navigli, which I absolutely loved…I spent hours there each month, and highly recommend it to anyone who likes antiques/vintage. Prices are high, but it is worth a look!

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postcards from milano

postcards from milano

Me + Duomo
I live in an area called Navigli, a chic area between two canals which are some of the only ones left from historical Milan, which had many canals, similar to Venice! Now the canals are lined with boutiques, antique shops, cafes, and bars.
Naviglio at night!
Milan has many forms of public transport, from bus to Metro to tram, seen here. And check out that wonderful architecture! More to come on that soon…
A must have for my happiness in Italy: Cioccolata calda e biscotti (hot chocolate like pudding & cookies)


I will be living here in Milan for three months!  These are some highlights so far.