DALI MUSEUM. st. petersburg, fl

DALI MUSEUM. st. petersburg, fl









Dali’s first selfie! ūüėČ


The Dali Museum is a museum dedicated to the works of famous Surrealist artist Salvador Dali. ¬†I had visited¬†this museum once before as a teenager, and still nothing compares to seeing them¬†in person…the scale of some of the paintings is lost when viewing online or in books.

LA SURTIDORA DEL CENTRO. puerto vallarta, mexico

LA SURTIDORA DEL CENTRO. puerto vallarta, mexico

LS shop outside


LS embroidered tops
Various Mexican hand embroidered & woven tops.
LS Vignette
Otomi embroidered pillows & woven bags


A wonderfully friendly saleswoman displaying one of my favorite Otomi embroidered textile for a photo op.
Handkerchiefs & Doilies
Embroidered handkerchiefs & doilies!


I happened across this shop when walking near my hotel, and what a find! ¬†These are the kinds of shops I really cherish…full of traditional handmade products, items of days gone by. ¬†It does not have the ambience¬†of the boutiques¬†I highlighted in Sayulita, but there are little treasures to be found nonetheless. Also, I love to feel like I am discovering something special, it’s the hunter in me. ¬†ūüôā ¬†I bought a dress, handkerchief, and some small embroidered gifts…definitely could have bought more!


LA SURTIDORA DEL CENTRO: Morelos 256, colonio centro
puerto vallarta, mexico.  phone: 222-1439



Nicknamed “the Russian nesting doll of churches”, this church has seven churches in one, each separate church being added at a different century.



For those of you who are not familiar with Sun Yat-Sen,¬†he was the leader of China’s republican revolution. He did much to inspire and organize the movement that overthrew the Manchu dynasty in 1911‚ÄĒa family of rulers that reigned over China for nearly three hundred years. Through the Kuomintang Party, he paved the way for the eventual reunification of the country.

postcards from chaozhou, guangdong

postcards from chaozhou, guangdong

One of my favorite aspects of China, especially smaller towns in China, is the ingenuity to create or modify items to more effectively suit it’s very specific function. ¬†A great example is the double watering can system, close up below.

One recurring theme I am always drawn to is the wearing away and contrast created by time.  The door frames are ornate, but the surrounding space is now overgrown.  What did this place look like in its heyday?
Can you see the cat in the photo?
This door’s beauty is in its frequent use, and its slow wear over time.

A close-up of the village wall that has a new pattern created by weather & time.  The pattern reminds me of the rice terraces found in other areas of China.

Another aspect of smaller Chinese towns that I love are the handmade objects, especially the baskets.  Baskets are everywhere in Chaozhou: carried on shoulders of farmers & attached to both sides of a motorcycle.  The density of the weave changes with the function.  For example, baskets meant to use as a cage for chickens or to hold large items are a very large-scale open weave, while baskets meant for holding small items have a very tight weave.  The patterns created are beautiful.

A Chinese truck…it reminds me of Mad Max, very makeshift!

After a six-hour bus ride from Guangzhou, I wasn’t sure what to expect from Chaozhou, but was very happy to be there to visit my good friends and their newborn baby. ¬†Chaozhou is a fairly small and quiet city (by Chinese standards), and I was grateful for the chance to visit the farmland and old village within the city that may soon be demolished in China’s push to modernize.

ANONYMOUS. guangzhou

ANONYMOUS. guangzhou

Guangzhou is a land of layers of anonymous highrises as far as the eye can see.  Surprisingly, a lot of them have character, be it from the architecture, or from clothes or plants exploding from most windows.

It’s a helpful reminder that people do actually live here!

COSMIC. jingdezhen

COSMIC. jingdezhen

Mystery Mold

Cosmic Factory was a dinnerware factory in Jingdezhen that closed.  Now it is a shell of a complex with plates as far as the eye can see.

VESSEL. jingdezhen

VESSEL. jingdezhen

Jingdezhen China is a village of one million people that produces almost all of China’s ceramics.¬†It is an interesting¬†place where production is still manual in alleyways accessed by dirt roads.



Guardian sign

Step Corner

Doorway Face

Cream Ceiling vertical

If I Had Wings I Would Fly

Alcove Ceiling

Ceiling Curve

Ceiling horizon

The Guardian Building in downtown¬†Detroit¬†is a testament to gorgeously excessive pattern &¬†color combinations, blending Art Deco &¬†Aztec style. ¬†I am a huge fan or Art Deco; probably has something to do with my love for symmetry & patterns. ¬†What makes this building so different is its Aztec influence…the colors and patterns are unlike any I have seen in other Deco-style buildings.