EVOKE THE SPIRIT. sayulita, mexico

EVOKE THE SPIRIT. sayulita, mexico

ETS shop general

ETS Santos

ETS skull 1

ETS skull 1 detail

ETS ropes

ETS ropes detail


Last but not least, my favorite shop in Sayulita…Evoke the Spirit!  A space so beautiful it looks more like a gallery than a shop, with beautifully designed & made products to match.  And if you visit the shop, please be sure to say hi to Santos, the Huichol yarn painter in residence.

A very special thank you to Evoke the Spirit’s owner & designer Brittney Borjeson, who was so welcoming and helpful during my trip!  You can see more about Brittney and her shop in Domino magazine!

EVOKE THE SPIRIT: 12A Jose Mariscal, Sayulita, Nayarit, Mexico

ARTEFAKTO. sayulita, mexico

ARTEFAKTO. sayulita, mexico

A shop 2

A shop 1

A shop 3

A beautifully curated shop selling textiles, clothing, home goods and more.

ARTEFACKTO: avenida revolucion #40-C, sayulita, nayarit mexico 63734

ORIGENES: DAVID LUNA. sayulita, mexico

ORIGENES: DAVID LUNA. sayulita, mexico

ODL Sign

ODL general

ODL bags 1

ODL bags 2

ODL bags 4

If you appreciate tooled leather like one of my best friends, Taylor, does, this shop is for you.  I fell in love with a couple of things here…may have to send them an email soon!

ORIGENES: calle martin s/n entre navarrete y malecon, centro sayulita, mexico.  +52 13315443282. pepekabande@gmail.com

REVOLUCION DEL SUEÑO. sayulita, mexico

REVOLUCION DEL SUEÑO. sayulita, mexico

RDS outside view

RDS back room fabulousness

RDS vignette 2

RDS Skulls galore


RDS fluo skulls


A cheeky shop with colorful products mixing modern and traditional Mexican flair.

REVOLUCION DEL SUEÑO : 55 calle manuel navarrete, colonia centro , 63734 Sayulita, Nayarit, Mexico

postcards from sayulita, mexico

postcards from sayulita, mexico

Sayulita town

Coconut truck!

What direction?



Decoration detail



Back after a long hiatus…and with the perfect town: Sayulita!  I just returned back from a few days there, and had to write about it.

Sayulita is a small Mexican surfing town not too far north of Puerto Vallarta.  This rustic beach chic hotspot for expats is home to some great eateries and boutiques.  Will be posting a few highlights later today.

How I got there:  I was staying in Puerto Vallarta, so I took a bus from the bus stops on the street in front of Wal-Mart.  The bus ride takes about an hour…not the most enjoyable ride ever, but I like to travel like a local sometimes.  The windows and door were wide open and we were barreling along.  What more can you ask from a 35 peso (<$3 US) ride?

Upon arrival in Sayulita, the bus drops off on the main road…from there you just keep walking until you find something interesting.  PS-That shouldn’t take too long.