EVOKE THE SPIRIT. sayulita, mexico

EVOKE THE SPIRIT. sayulita, mexico

ETS shop general

ETS Santos

ETS skull 1

ETS skull 1 detail

ETS ropes

ETS ropes detail


Last but not least, my favorite shop in Sayulita…Evoke the Spirit!  A space so beautiful it looks more like a gallery than a shop, with beautifully designed & made products to match.  And if you visit the shop, please be sure to say hi to Santos, the Huichol yarn painter in residence.

A very special thank you to Evoke the Spirit’s owner & designer Brittney Borjeson, who was so welcoming and helpful during my trip!  You can see more about Brittney and her shop in Domino magazine!

EVOKE THE SPIRIT: 12A Jose Mariscal, Sayulita, Nayarit, Mexico

REVOLUCION DEL SUEÑO. sayulita, mexico

REVOLUCION DEL SUEÑO. sayulita, mexico

RDS outside view

RDS back room fabulousness

RDS vignette 2

RDS Skulls galore


RDS fluo skulls


A cheeky shop with colorful products mixing modern and traditional Mexican flair.

REVOLUCION DEL SUEÑO : 55 calle manuel navarrete, colonia centro , 63734 Sayulita, Nayarit, Mexico



Fortunately for some & unfortunately for others, the world did not end today, 12/ 21/ 2012.  Ancient Mayans did not actually predict an apocalypse today, but rather the end of an era.  I am currently smack in the center of the supposed apocalypse, so I thought I should just go with it.  This & the following two posts are a few things I have seen today, in homage of baktun.

CEMENTERIO. playa del carmen

CEMENTERIO. playa del carmen

The cemetery at Xcaret in Playa del Carmen was an unexpected place where I spent the most time.  The time & creativity used on each memorial was wonderful, and it was so much more personal and heartwarming than the traditional gravestone.  In addition, the crypt was beautiful, with a wall of wax made by the drips of the previous candles.  Beauty in the simplest of ideas.