postcards from melbourne, florida

postcards from melbourne, florida






I had the good fortune to spend the first few months of 2015 in Melbourne, Florida. It has been quite different from my normal travel to big cities, but it has been wonderful!  Melbourne is a city full of nature, beaches, and I have definitely gotten my fill of antiquing (highlighted in upcoming posts).

postcards from puerto vallarta

postcards from puerto vallarta

Me & PV
Me on the Malecón

PV landscape

PV hillside
Loving the people and their various poses.

PV Street Signs

Guadalupe 2
Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe

PV architecture

PV Man and Dog

PV Sunset

There are other Mexican beachside cities that I prefer over Puerto Vallarta, but there are a few food and shopping gems to be found here.  Also, I have a soft spot for hilly towns by the water for some reason…maybe they remind me of Hong Kong, one of my favorite cities.