Thank you for visiting Jetsteph, a little peek into my mind & life.

I absolutely love to travel, and have lived in over six countries. When things get too routine, my wanderlust ignites! I’m in love with the life I have created for myself, in all of its fluid, uncertain splendor. I have a great group of friends around the world, my passport is my most prized possession, and I proudly hold the nickname Miss Worldwide (sorry for the Pitbull reference).

Art & Design are another huge part of my life.  I am an artist by background, and a shoe designer in education and career. I have a natural gift for fashion & style that I have honed for most of my life, and this is influenced by my travel, art, and architecture. I believe our style comprises everything in our lives, from the clothes we wear to the choices we make and thoughts we have. I try to bring beauty & depth in the broadest sense of the word to my own life, as well as the lives I come in contact with every day.

As for the rest, stay tuned to find out!